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Globalization as a «hybrid war» and the mission of Russia in it

“About the current moment” №2(134), April 2018

  1. Let’s remember Lord Palmerston
  2. The incident with the Skripals and its meaning
  3. Why Russia is «the Empire of Evil» for the West

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How and why are Scriptures made «sacred»?


  1. «The Second Gospel»
    • On the apostle Paul
    • On the history of Christianity
    • On the Bible and its components
    • On the writings of the church fathers
    • On Jews
  2. Time of the Black Madonna
    • On the state of pre-Christian Rus`
    • Economic prosperity and the cult of the Black Madonna
  3. The events in Europe after 1300
  4. How was the substitution made
    • The Council of Constance
    • The Council of Florence
    • The Council of Trent
    • Decisions of the Council of Trent
    • The Inquisition in the West
    • «Theoretical» basis for the Inquisition
    • The main heresies What is the essence?
    • The Bogomils (The Cathars)
    • The Arians and features of their religious doctrine
    • Interrelationship of Slavic religious doctrine with the Arianism, the Cathars and the Bogomils
    • Did dual faith exist in Russia?
  5. «Hybrid war» against Rus`
    • The Time of Troubles
    • Romanovs come to power
    • Creation of Rus` baptism myth — hand of the Vatican is obvious
    • When did Vladimir convert to the Christianity?
    • The Schism (Raskol)
    • On the role of the Greeks and natives of Kiev in organizing schism
    • The role of the Jews
    • Nikon
    • State of religion in Russia at the end of the XVII century
    • «Confession» by Ignatius of the Solovki
    • The Legislative codes against «blasphemy»
    • Signs of Catholicism, appeared in Russia in the XVII century
    • Each works for someone who understands more
    • At the time of Peter I
    • After Peter I
    • Nicholas I and the Catholics
    • Catholics, Greeks and Kiev Uniats have not coped with set tasks

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A chat with Pushkin in cafe “At Biron”

— Certainly, someone tries to play a Trick on me, — thinks Gray-headed man, — is it for sure George who has decided to play this scene with an animator? I already have told him a joke about lunch for two persons. In addition, after my second visit this waiter asked me whom I was waiting for. And then I answered as a joke – for Pushkin. But this was already last winter. Yes, indeed, there is something unusual in this visitor, also he speaks with some strange intonations. But also, he does not look like the animators, whom are walking here to earn something on making photos for tourists. Well, if Pushkin was here by himself would the visitors of museum-room recognize him or they would accept him for ordinary animator, as me him now. And where has he come from? If he came from his apartment, but then there were plenty of tourists, the museum staff, guard. It seems, that in my desire to speak with poet I went too far. Of course, that was a joke, and I accept this animator as real Pushkin.
All these thoughts have appeared in one moment, but somewhere in a corner of the mind lurked a hope of miracle.
— Who knows maybe he is real… But nobody yet come back from there? And if this is him, then how was he able to come back to our time?
Meanwhile, the visitor ate scrambled eggs and merrily cast a glance on the neighbor.
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To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory (1945): Get Rid of Illusions Power!

“About the current moment” №2(118), March 2015

To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory (1945): Get Rid of Illusions Power!

Ides of March in 2015 discovered entirely new period in the history of information wars: it will be characterized by West total lie. Lie (by European Union and its masters) of such scale, that lie by Joseph Goebbels’ office of Third Reich will look as innocent child tales in comparison to it. This process of West unprecedented lie stuffing will be aggravated by wide distribution of the Internet through society and the absence of knowledge methodology (i.e. distinguishing truth and lie) in educational systems of both West and East cultures. Information excess (either false or true) in the absence of methodology of mining from this flow information indeed necessary for the society for solving its problems, in the presence of the Internet — is equivalent to full absence of information. This circumstance for the first time raises question “life-death” to mankind. Because there is no white lie, and even the truth, when becoming reckless belief, misleads and conducts to death “zombies” enslaved by it.

It’s dangerous to live being captured by illusions. This concerns as conceptions about historic past, and also conceptions about nowadays, on basis of which political course for future has been working out. II World War of 20th century and its component – the Great Patriotic War – take particular place in this problematics, and also — their global political after-effects, which still put pressure on future formation for Europe, Russia and whole mankind. Though these themes in detail can be covered only with “stout books”, but the essence of the question can be represented in several brief statements: Continue reading ‘To the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory (1945): Get Rid of Illusions Power!’ »

Globalization: beginning of a new stage

“About the current moment” №2(109), March 2013

Globalization: beginning of a new stage

This note complements contents of the work of IP USSR (Internal Predictor of USSR) 1998-1999 «Sad heritage of Atlantis. Trotskyism is “yesterday”, but in no way — “tomorrow”», which is suggested for reading before the current note.

The essence briefly

  • The previous stage of globalization had the following features
  • The new stage of globalization is characterized by the following features
  • Main components of the spectrum of globalization conception today
  • Prospects of globalization in a multiplicity of its concepts

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«De-Stalinization»: dead souls at work…

“About the current moment” №1(97), January 2011

«De-Stalinization»: dead souls at work…

Those are the intentions for the future of the bourgeois-liberal public and statesmen. However, before turning to the consideration of the prospects of «de-Stalinization», which became the main ideological problem of state power in the post-Soviet Rusziony, refer to history and literature to understand the spirit of the policy: the imperial before 1917, Stalin’s, rusziony’s of our days.

In Russian history there are two literary characters and one historical figure, whose sociological views, being powerful over one or another segments of the collective unconscious, had largely determined the events of the past and the prospects of Russia in XXI century. These are the Grand Inquisitor of F.M. Dostoyevsky, the Great Combinator of Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov and the Pskov’s Spaso-Eleazar monastery’s monk Filofey (also spelled as Philotheos; years of life approximately: 1465-1542), the first ideologist of the doctrine «Moscow — the Third Rome». Continue reading ‘«De-Stalinization»: dead souls at work…’ »

«The end of a history», «collision of civilizations» and the valid prospects of mankind

  1. West in the wake of globalization: its self-assessment and our assessment
  2. Russia
  3. Prospects of Humanity – the beginning of history

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The long-term strategy to overcome Koranic Islam with the help of wheeler — dealers of the Biblical Project

One of the main cultural problem of the global scale for the Biblical project wheeler-dealers is the Koranic Islam.
The very reason of this problem is explained by the fact that the global and political doctrine, the basis for the Western policy, is based on two statements:

  • The thesis of Judaism predominance over the rest people and the obligation of other people to be tolerant towards them;
  • The buying up of the whole world with its inhabitants and property on the basis of Jewish corporative transnational monopoly on usury.

In spite of the fact that these statements are not directly mentioned, they are being strictly implemented.

Koran denies the Judaism predominance doctrine over the rest people and the usury is under a strict ban and is characterized as a kind of Satanism. These statements are not practically used in the political life of Muslims, based on the alternative concept different to the Biblical slavery concept , the Western wheeler-dealers understand that Koran – is the potential threat to their global power regime imposition. This explains their desire to leave Koran in its historical legacy.

One of the ways to resolve “the problem of Islam” for the Western wheeler-dealers — is multiway policy: Continue reading ‘The long-term strategy to overcome Koranic Islam with the help of wheeler — dealers of the Biblical Project’ »

Global crisis root cause: just economy or biblical culture?

The fact, that nowadays human society and computer networks are both informational sys-tems, allows us to draw analogies between them. As operating system is the core element of any computer network, culture with its norms and values, in the same way, is a key element of any soci-ety. Just as operating system is comprehensive to applications, the culture is comprehensive to eco-nomics of a society. In other words people build their trade networks and maintain their relationships according to cultural norms and moral values deriving from culture. So in order to get to the root of current global malfunction we need to understand the dominating culture, in other words our culture on bible platform.

Architecture of bible-based culture contains several components. The base is encrypted and cannot be accessed by the majority of users/general public. However, to allow resolution of various routine tasks there is an “admin” group with more rights that has access to a console, whose log is translated in a document also known as “Old testament”. In order to provide small group of develop-ers with outstanding rights over any common user, the platform provides them with special functional options, which are not documented for informational security reasons. From common user’s point of view developers’ functions/abilities are often perceived as “MIRACLE”. Common user has access only to attractive but functionally limited program shell, which is accessible anywhere in the world, doesn’t require specific user skills or knowledge, has friendly interface and allows solving basic tasks. Common users know it as “New testament”. To increase number of users and enhance world-wide coverage this program was adapted to national specifics and rebranded as “Orthodox”, “Ca-tholicism”, “Protestantism”, “Socialism” etc. Rights of commercial distribution and management of these brands were transferred to a few closed organizations formed and functioning by same princi-ples as closed corporations. From time to time common users are shown elections of board members and board heads of those corporations. Continue reading ‘Global crisis root cause: just economy or biblical culture?’ »

Bureaucratic despair in Russia and global project “Obama”

“About the current moment” №11(83), November 2008

Bureaucratic despair in Russia and global project “Obama”

  1. Russia’s place in the global crisis
    1. Key question to Russian and foreign bureaucracy with an answer
    2. Kingdom divided against itself…
  2. «Obama» — a project of global deceit
    1. Why Obama and not someone else? — some aspects
      1. Aspect of internal politics
      2. One of the aspects of foreign politics
    2. Forbidden questions in public politics of USA and Russia
      1. The original sin of statehood
      2. Fairness in the life of society: political ethics — mercenary or work
      3. An individual and culture
    3. Top secret: mentality of state power in the USA and in Russia
    4. Barack Obama is not free…
      1. Obama and Freedom
      2. Globalization and the United States: issues of president Obama
      3. Bible – slave’s shackles
    5. Prospective relationship between USA and Russia

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Signs of Boundary Between Epochs

“About the current moment” №8(80), August 2008

Signs of Boundary Between Epochs


  1. On Solzhenitsyn’s death
  2. Georgia’s problems
    1. Georgian-Ossetian conflict
    2. Local scale of examination
    3. Global level of examination
    4. “Tough patriots”: in Russia and in USA
  3. Russia’s main problem
  4. Through watershed between epochs

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Authority as an obstacle for personal and social development

“About the current moment” №2(74), February 2008

Authority as an obstacle for personal and social development

At the end of January – beginning of February 2008 “Russia” TV-channel has two times shown the film “The Fall of the Empire. The Byzantium Lesson”, filmed by “the pastor” archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov, who has been raised to the rank of V. V. Putin’s “personal confessor” by mass-media), and who has got a cinematographic education. According to the concept of Byzantium history stated in the film, in the history of Russian Empire – USSR – post-Soviet RusZionia those cultural and political mistakes, which by Tikhon’s opinion have brought Byzantium to ruin, have been repeated in many aspects. The main mistake (in his representation) is the of Empire people’s apostasy of the so-called “orthodox faith” that caused numerous mistakes – consequences of that “principal mistake”.

In press (which in present RusZionia, as in 1980-90th, is still overwhelmed by the spirit of liberalism so the West is “all light in window” for them) all the discussion on film was reduced to the following. Reproaching Tikhon of tendentious interpretation of the history of the Byzantium society and its mutual relations with the outer world; indicating several actual mistakes and discrepancies; charging that the film groundlessly tries to convince RusZionian people that the West is the pathological enemy of Russia during all the history.

Actually the film has the indisputable advantage which hasn’t been noticed by liberal critics. It states the question: What defects does the so-called “Orthodoxy” have? The defects, since which the Byzantium society, based on the “Orthodox” worldview and world-understanding , wasn’t able to solve actual social and state problems in proper times and tried to find ready receipts at the West during thousand-year history of “East Rome empire”? In fact the, the same repeats as well in the history of Russia, which had accepted the “main treasure” of Byzantium – the so-called “Orthodox faith” (as it is stated in the film).

Without answering this question or without accusing its inconsistency perspectives of Russia’s revival as the society self-sufficient in the aspect of meaning of life – are vague. I.e. “the Time of Troubles ” as a crash of the historically formed culture may repeat. Continue reading ‘Authority as an obstacle for personal and social development’ »

On the Discharge of the Destructive Anti-Russian Matrix

1. The Provocation

“The Kommersant Ъ” newspaper N 230 (3806) (Dec 13, 2007) published the article “Americans Imagine a World without Putin”In Russian it is called: “Russia and the world will be shocked by Vladimir Putin’s Murder”. with subheading “The future of Russia studied”

The article begins with following notification:
“A report called ‘Alternative Futures for Russia’ will be issued in Washington today by the authoritative nonprofit Center for Strategic and International Studies Besides the usual criticism of democracy in Russia, some parts of the report are downright fantastic. One of the alternative futures the report contains is a scenario built around the possible assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 7, 2008, in Moscow.According to the prognosis, Putin’s assassins will not be revealed and Russia will fall into chaos. This will cause the stock-market collapse. Mass strikes and demonstrations will arise and will lead to the state of emergency declaration on February 20, 2008. After that Vladimir Yakunin (Russian Railways’ (RZD) president) will become the President of Russian Federation. By his order striking oil workers in Surgut (West Siberia) will be shot, and the Majors of Saint-Petersburg (Valentina Matvienko) and Moscow (Juri Luzhkov) will be sentenced to death for misappropriation of billions of dollars. (Look at the publication at “The author of ‘Putin’s murder on Christmas’: Relatively positive scenario with enough positive final tends to realize in Russia during following 10 years” ( – this footnote was added on December 31, 2007). Kommersant Washington correspondent Dmitry Sidorov has read the report.

The authors of the 59-page report are director of the CSIS Russia and Eurasia program Andrew Kuchins, former senior director for Russian affairs at the National Security Council Thomas Graham, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University Henry Hale, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics Anders Aslund and others. On the report’s cover are five photographs: Russian President Vladimir Putin with the G8 leaders, Putin with the Chinese President Hu Jintao, the recent arrest of Other Russia leader Garri Kasparov, snow-covered oil wells and children in a computer class.”

2. How to regard with this?

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The Future of the Humankind: The Dictatorship of Conscience or the Tyranny of Bible Owners

“About the current moment” №9(57), September 2015

The Future of the Humankind: The Dictatorship of Conscience or the Tyranny of Bible Owners

In the analytical note there are cited several significant mass media publications regarding the reaction of Muslim countries on the speech made by the Pope Benedict XVI on September 12, 2006. In that speech he told about the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos’s opinion on Islam and Muhammad. The discords between the historically formed Judaism, Christianity and Islam in sociology, in organisation of the life of society, in economics and theological questions are shown. It is noted, that those discords of the historically formed confessions follows from and thus express people’s fictions, self-interest of ruling “elites” and their backstage supervisors. With it, if one considers the conscience to be God’s voice addressed directly to man’s soul, then taking religious traditions as an indisputable truth, free from perversions and mistakes, suppresses the voice of conscious and makes an individual deaf to the call of God.

This peculiarity of the traditional confessions together with their discords in sociological and theological-dogmatic questions poses a threat! It is so, since within the conditions of globalization the rousing of such excitement around return to traditions and adherence to them appears to be the way to a new World War. And the new war is necessary for the “world backstage” as a mean for discrediting Islam and Koran and finishing the biblical project of enslaving the mankind. Continue reading ‘The Future of the Humankind: The Dictatorship of Conscience or the Tyranny of Bible Owners’ »

G8 Summit in Strelna

  1. The transformation of G7 into G8: goals and result
  2. G7 or UN -> Gx + UN?

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About CPS (Conception of public safety) in brief

It can hardly be a secret that the modern civilization has accumulated a vast amount of problems, related not only to the ecological and biosphere crises, but in the social life one can see no kind of well-being. The matter is not only in somebody’s personal activity in depressing the biosphere and society – it is in passivity and inactivity of others! Moreover, aims announced by a government often differ greatly from those that the government really has. However, the execution of such control1 (management) can only take place in a society of people completely ignorant in politics and control (management). Phrases such as “What can I do by myself?” and “Let the government make everyone’s life better”, told by the millions, do not help in resolving problems. They just show one’s agreement with the existing situation – that they agree to be controlled; that they agree to some “elite” living better than others without any reasons for this; that they agree to not understand how society lives – as if their own life were independent from the life of all of humankind (obviously, that is not so).

Every society is controlled in one way or another, and therefore the global historical process may be perceived as a global process of control which, primarily, is comprised of and includes many processes of regional management (policies of regional states and international policies, forces which are not institutionalized within the state: mafias, Jewish diaspora), and secondly, proceeds within life processes of the Earth and Space that are hierarchically above it. Continue reading ‘About CPS (Conception of public safety) in brief’ »

  1. Control when the aims being achieved really differ from those, towards which a state power pretends to work, and results of control remain unknown even after their achievement; at the same time the declared aims are called “temporarily unachieved”, which may actually be the aim of control realized by other subjects. []

The Last Gambit

The 21st century has just started and immediately an important event has happened. The reaction on it was so outstanding and violent that one can surely say – there wasn’t such striking occurrence during the 20th century peacetime. Only the laziest hasn’t told his opinion on the events of September 11, 2001, on that tragedy that shocked the world. There was told much, but few has been made clear. Is America a victim? Or has it “punished” itself? Why there are so much secrets and mystical coincidences about this tragedy? And could it be parts of some plot rather than coincidences? And what is the plot and who stands behind?
The great-grandsons of famous Conan-Doyle’s characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are trying to find out the cause of the skyscrapers destruction and clear up some details of the incident. During their investigation they solve this one and other mysteries of the last decades.

The genre of this book is called “mystical-philosophical political detective story”. It tells about important information on world-view and on ruling, acquaints a reader with the “backstage” hidden motives of the world’s events, narrates about secret means of ruling the social processes.
Extraordinary chances use to recur.
Karel Čapek.

There is nothing casual. Chance is something beyond one’s comprehension.
Michael Liteman.
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Ford and Stalin. How to Live in Humaneness

(Alternative principles of globalization)

This work concerns the outlook on economy and social life belonging to two men who are usually thought to be very different. The first one is Henry Ford I, founder and head of «Ford Motors Company», one of the world’s largest automotive corporations. The other one is Joseph Stalin — a politician, sociologist and economist, whose world understanding and will were embodied in the foundation and prime of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the «superstate № 2» of the 20th century, the «super concern» state.

Despite what used to be taught at schools about the fight between capitalism and socialism those two people share a similar view on normal social life. The difference lies in Henry Ford’s focusing mainly on microeconomy and relations between people as employees of a single enterprise, avoiding the issues of macroeconomy and building state institutions, while Joseph Stalin concentrated on the issues of developing political economy as a science, on cultural transformation and arranging the macroeconomy by the scheme of a «super concern» state, leaving the microeconomic issues to society’s creative force.

Thus they in fact complement each other and therefore pave the way to uniting the people of Russia and America as well as the people of the world in a common culture based on morals and ethics of a conscientious laborer.

But contemporaries as well as descendants refused to understand both of them. And the world has paid for this reluctance to understand with World War II followed by the «cold war» between NATO and the USSR and with the deformed globalization that is currently taking place.

Though this work quotes both Ford and Stalin extensively where it is necessary, those are merely quotations. Their heritage should be studied not by quotations but by their works in order to form a complete and coherent understanding of who and in what way was wrong or right.

But if the heritage of Ford and Stalin is understood, expanded and realized then the historic perspective of all peoples will acquire a new, a better quality… Continue reading ‘Ford and Stalin. How to Live in Humaneness’ »

In Quest of National Idea: «Energy Ruble» Bound To Be the Hardest Currency

Victor Efimov
May 6, 2004
Article in newspaper «Chas pik» (Saint-Petersburg)

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To Understanding of Macroeconomу of State and World

To Understanding of Macroeconomу of State and World

Both existing and possible economic theories may be ranged into one of the two following categories:

The first group of theories describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies the need to give the answer to the question how an entrepreneur can legally fill up his pockets.
The second group describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies that the economic activities in the society are to be used as a means of approaching some other, fundamentally noneconomic, goals.

  1. Introduction to the Topic
  2. On macroeconomics and microeconomics – in an objective and considerate way
    1. Target macroeconomic parameters and the macrolevel managerial tasks
    2. The purpose of finance-and-credit system and distortion of its functions
    3. What is what in credit-and-finance system. Credit-and-finance system as the means of production and distribution management
    4. Rates of exchange: relative and absolute
  3. Ownership
  4. Afterwards

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