How and why are Scriptures made «sacred»?


  1. «The Second Gospel»
    • On the apostle Paul
    • On the history of Christianity
    • On the Bible and its components
    • On the writings of the church fathers
    • On Jews
  2. Time of the Black Madonna
    • On the state of pre-Christian Rus`
    • Economic prosperity and the cult of the Black Madonna
  3. The events in Europe after 1300
  4. How was the substitution made
    • The Council of Constance
    • The Council of Florence
    • The Council of Trent
    • Decisions of the Council of Trent
    • The Inquisition in the West
    • «Theoretical» basis for the Inquisition
    • The main heresies What is the essence?
    • The Bogomils (The Cathars)
    • The Arians and features of their religious doctrine
    • Interrelationship of Slavic religious doctrine with the Arianism, the Cathars and the Bogomils
    • Did dual faith exist in Russia?
  5. «Hybrid war» against Rus`
    • The Time of Troubles
    • Romanovs come to power
    • Creation of Rus` baptism myth — hand of the Vatican is obvious
    • When did Vladimir convert to the Christianity?
    • The Schism (Raskol)
    • On the role of the Greeks and natives of Kiev in organizing schism
    • The role of the Jews
    • Nikon
    • State of religion in Russia at the end of the XVII century
    • «Confession» by Ignatius of the Solovki
    • The Legislative codes against «blasphemy»
    • Signs of Catholicism, appeared in Russia in the XVII century
    • Each works for someone who understands more
    • At the time of Peter I
    • After Peter I
    • Nicholas I and the Catholics
    • Catholics, Greeks and Kiev Uniats have not coped with set tasks


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